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Randy Anderson - Trainer & Handler



“Get a good yard foundation, and keep the dog mentally happy.”  This is Randy Anderson’s training philosophy to which Cross Country Kennels is rooted upon.

Randy loves to compete – always has.  From his days on the high school athletic fields, to his time as a rodeo cowboy, and now to his current passion: training and handling all-age dogs for horseback field trial competitions.  “Competing with a dog, and riding a horse in the great outdoors…it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

During his 20 years as an Oklahoma firefighter Anderson also kept busy as a breeder and developer of major circuit all-age dogs, but after hanging up his fireman’s hat in 2000, he turned pro and had success early on.  Within the first year he successfully climbed high on the handler’s list.

Randy loves developing young English Pointers and Setters at Cross Country Kennels located just outside Vinita, Oklahoma, especially dogs with “large motors”, he notes.  His success as an amateur, and now a pro, has continued with accolades such as an impressive 1000+ field trial placements to include:

  • Quail Championship Invitational
  • Continental Derby Championship
  • All-American Championship


Cross Country Kennels was established in 1980 in Vinita, Oklahoma – an area rich in Field Trial history.

Our modern facility was built in the fall of 2004 just south of Bluejacket, Oklahoma. Our kennel consists of 36 runs, large puppy pens, a whelping wing, and horse facility complete with large paddocks and stalls making this one of the areas largest full service sporting dog training centers.

Comfort is important to our dogs in training. Therefore, each kennel run is equipped with a dog condo. The outer shell of each condo is constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum. The inner shell contains 2 inches of insulation and is lined with Kemlite…a product that offers superior performance characteristics such as strength, durability, and minimal weight.

Nutrition plays a key roll in our program. We feed and recommend Purina ProPlan dog food. Our field trial string is powered by Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula.




Using our methods we are sure you will find a program suited for you!

We welcome new clients to our winning program. Whether you are new to the sport or have been in for sometime, we would like to have the opportunity to help meet your field trial goals. Our field trial string are competitors on the All-Age Major Circuit. We compete in horseback field trials from the Canadian prairie, to the edge country of west Tennessee, and all the way to the piney woods of Georgia and Florida. If you are interested in our great sport, contact us. We will be glad to help you find a dog or evaluate yours.

Crosscountry Kennels has a variety of gaited horses for sale at all times, and also offers boarding and training services for your field trial horse. Our equine friends play an important role in the sport of field trialing; therefore, each horse must be sound in body, but more importantly, sound in mind. We put each horse through an extensive training program that includes many natural horsemanship and bomb-proofing techniques. Your horse will have the tools and exposure he needs to be a successful field trial mount for many years to come. Contact us for a current list of horses for sale, prices, and training options.

Our gun dog program is from start to finish on All POINTING DOG BREEDS. This is a well balanced program for the gun dog. Your bird dog will leave here with a good yard working foundation, pointing and backing. We have an excellent force fetch to retrieve program that is optional. Dogs are worked on wild and liberated birds. This program takes four to five months. If we don’t think your dog will successfully complete the program, we will let you know after the first month. This is a positive repetition program that will keep your sporting dog mentally happy. All training is done through repetition and positive reinforcement. We offer a gun dog tune up program and a program designed for the problem dog. These programs will be tailored to fit your dogs individual needs.

This program is designed to give your puppy the “Right Start” for a successful future in the field. The training program is for pups aged six months to one year. Pups will be exposed to gun shots, lots of birds – wild and liberated. Pups will be worked from foot, horseback, and ATV. This is an excellent program to get your puppy exposed to all kinds of training situations. Contact us today and enter your puppy in the Right Start Program, so he will be ready for future training as a competitive K9 athlete winning field trails, or an extreme hunting companion in the field.

This program is designed for the amateur handler who wants to have the winning edge and be competitive in whatever game he or she is playing. Your dog will be professionally conditioned and polished to maintain composure around game. Whether you compete in walking, horse-back, shooting-dog or all-age trials, this program is an option without having your dog in our field trial string.

Crosscountry Kennels has a whelping wing at our kennel complete with spacious puppy pens. All puppies are whelped in our above ground kennel. We feel that whelping puppies above ground until weaning keeps the risk of disease low, while also providing a clean and safe environment. Our whelping boxes are specially constructed for our use. They are insulated and lined to keep sanitary. All puppies will be well socialized, exposed to noises, and walked. Puppies will be fed Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy with DHA. Contact us for details and rates on this program.

We have secured several thousand acres of land that has an abundance of wild game such as sharp-tail grouse and Hungarian partridge. Our camp is located near the Canadian border in the farming community of Westhope, North Dakota. The summer prairie exposure to a young or old dog is unmatched. We accept reservations for the care and training of field trial dogs, gun dogs, and puppy development to be worked during the months of July, August, and September. We invite all pointing dog breeds to our program.


Training With The Best

Cross Country Kennels has a knowledgeable and experienced staff.  Contact us today to learn more about our specific training options.